An Extra Hour of Memoir-ies

I put the finishing touches (well, the finishing touches until I print it and see what needs fixing) on my “October”, an illustrated memoir I worked on last month after taking Suzy Becker’s class on the subject at the Worcester Art Museum. It is not the project that I left the class hoping to start (as my self-addressed, self-written reminder postcard from the class reminded me when it arrived this week), but it’s a start that I’m happy with. I’ll get up to speed on the other project soon enough.

Lynn wants me to enter it into the adult student show that the WAM holds after each term of classes wraps up. We’ll see how it turns out. If it’s worth the expense of an inexpensive frame, maybe I’ll submit it.

Thanks to Suzy and to WAM for the class. It was a great Sunday – and continued to be a great month.

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