Let’s Celebrate

There are so many, many things to celebrate every single day. In fact, so many that just about everything one might imagine celebrating has been given a designated moment for just such. That said, I have decided the following:

  • In the spirit of Open Access Week, I will be hiding in the stacks.
  • In the spirit of National Archives Month, I am going to sit very still and collect dust.
  • In the spirit of Pastoral Care Week, let us all pray.
  • In the spirit of Random Action Week, I made up a bunch of random services we will begin providing to the research community on campus. [I later discovered that it’s actually National RADON Action week, but I’m sticking with the former.]
  • In the spirit of National Caramel Month, I ate a bunch of Hershey Kisses with caramel filling.
  • In the spirit of National Disarmament Week, I will continue to never own a firearm.
  • In the spirit of Head Start Awareness Month, let us all leave work 10 minutes early today.

Happy celebrating!

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