No Matter Where You’re Bound

(To the tune of “Frankie & Johnny”, traditional.)

From aircraft, from satellites, from buoys
From spacecraft hovering above
They’re gathering data on the weather
Tracking down crooks on the run
No matter where you’re bound
Remote sensors are found

You take your place out on the diamond
Not quite the youth you used to be
You dive for one going up the middle
You feel a little snap in your knee
Oh to the ER you’re bound
Where remote sensors are found

You’re lying there flat on the table
With instructions to lie very still
They roll you in that claustrophobic cavern
An MRI takes pictures until
Remote sensing has found
Your ACL’s come unbound

Now your season most certainly is over
And you surely have had better days
But thanks to medical technology
And some PT using ultrasound waves
You will quickly rebound
Your two feet back on the ground

Yeah no matter where you’re bound
Remote sensors are found

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