Sketchbooks on Parade

March 17, 2013

I have several sketchbooks traveling the country (and Canada) this year through projects of the The Sketchbook Project (Art House Co-op) of Brooklyn, NY. If one comes to your town, I hope you’ll take the chance to seek it and its many friends on the road trips.

The Memoir Project

500 handwritten books from writers and illustrators around the globe.

  • Brooklyn – June 28-30
  • San Francisco – July 26-28
  • Washington, DC – August 16-18

The Mysterious Maps Tour Mobile Library Tour

The Mystery Maps Tour asks you to make original maps of real and imagined places.

  • Providence, RI – June 13
  • Portland, ME – June 14
  • Montreal, Quebec – June 17

The 2013 Sketchbook Tour

11,000 sketchbooks on the road starting March, 2013. Check ’em out!
Brooklyn, Austin, Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

My Vocation

July 16, 2011

I had my first cup of coffee this morning while I looked at a book that Lynn’s sister, Nancy, gave her for her birthday last March, Sketchbooks: The Hidden Art of Designers, Illustrators & Creatives, by Richard Brereton. I have decided that this is what I will call myself from now on. Whenever people ask, “What do you do?” I will answer not, “I’m a librarian” or “I’m an exercise physiologist” or “I’m a writer” or “I’m an artist”. Nope. From now on I’m going to say “I am a creative.” Not, “I am creative”, but “I am A creative.” Noun.

Saturday AM Drawing

With Subject


July 11, 2011

I’ve been working through Ivan Brunetti’s great new book, Cartooning, the past few weeks. I like it because he approaches cartooning as it being a visual mode of storytelling, placing as much emphasis on writing as illustrating. It’s fun and giving me some more structured things to try to loosen up and expand my drawing. The assignments and exercises for the past week dealt with doodling as a foundation for later work. I worked a lot in my small sketchbook, but found when I grabbed a large sheet of paper and a Sharpie marker, I felt a lot more free. Here are a couple of samples, my reluctant models:

Tater (I need to color her in.)

Zebediah (He's always good. The "good" here means my drawing.)