From the 4th Grade

The topic of marsupials came up today amongst friends and I recalled a book I’d put together as an assignment when I was in the 4th grade. That’s the grade, you know, when you learn all about your state. I lived in Virginia and this report was about the animals that are… hunted… there. Sigh. I’m sure there was a political statement being made on my part.

Note: The book was written by Sally Gore and illustrated by Sally Ann Gore. Just noting.

by Sally and Sally Ann

Ah... the bunny.

Not all black bears are black.









A clever poultry stealer.

The shy vegetarian.

Not a weasel.

Our lovable marsupial.

2 Responses to From the 4th Grade

  1. beetrain says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if this needs to be addressed to Sally Gore or Sally Ann Gore, but I’m hoping at least one of them can answer my questions.

    1. what is “qoor” fur on a bear?

    2. I didn’t realize opossums were hunted. I thought they were just run over. Can you please clarify?

    Other than these two questions, I found this book very informative and well-illustrated.

  2. salgore says:

    1. “goor” is a combination of “good” and “poor”. I think that perhaps the animal-loving / hunter-hating 4th grader in me snuck out subconsciously there; an attempt to say it’s not really worth shooting a bear for its fur. Poor fur. Poor bear.

    2. Please brake for marsupials.


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