Penny Project 2.0

Lounging around on a Sunday afternoon, I saw a Facebook update from friend, a picture of the Crayola Crayon factory. I quickly commented and asked him to please squish a penny for me if he came across a squisher machine. Of course, I knew full well that they would. I’ve never been to the Crayola Crayon factory, but can you imagine them NOT having a penny squisher? Sure enough, awhile later I was tagged in the photo of another friend, this one showing Joey beside the machine, fulfilling my wish.

Isn’t this an amazing world? More colleagues become friends, more memories get shared, more pennies get squished. Thanks to Joey and Linda for the nice thought today.

(My Squished Penny map needs some attention. I’ve not worked on it in some time. I have hundreds of pennies to add to it!)

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