Little Brushes with Celebrity

I never collected autographs as a kid. Even today I get nervous at the thought of asking for a book to be signed at a book signing. That said, I find that receiving a tweet from someone I admire on Twitter just thrills me to no end. Maybe it’s like an anonymous autograph. I’ve decided to archive these little treasures for myself. Twitter has been acting up lately and sometimes the mentions appear in my “@” stream and other times they’re missing. I will grab them as I can and add them to my new digital autograph book. For now, here’s a sample:

Erin McKeown, singer-songwriter extraordinaire

2 Responses to Little Brushes with Celebrity

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sally Gore, Sally Gore. Sally Gore said: My Twitter Autograph Book is under construction. 🙂 […]

  2. carrisaari says:

    I can dig it, Sally! When Janet Clarey included me in a #FF I was on cloud 9.

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