Tag! You’re NOT it!

In an op-ed piece for the Houston Chronicle, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) elaborates a bit on “why Mukasey gets my vote for attorney general“. She outlines his background and experience, and claims he’s the best the Senate is going to get in terms of a nominee to replace Alberto Gonzales. She expresses her disappointment in his reluctancy / inability / unwillingness to answer a few simple questions regarding the use of torture. [As an aside: I wonder when it might be okay for members of Congress to begin using torture techniques to get those who come before them to speak the truth.] But in the end, the Senator’s clearest and strongest reason for approving Mr. Mukasey is simply this… “Judge Mukasey is not Alberto R. Gonzales.”

Gee… that’s it?! Hey! I’m not Alberto Gonzales, either. And I bet (unless for some bizarre reason the former Attorney General is reading my blog), NEITHER ARE YOU! Sadly, this appears to be the point we’ve reached in our system of government. The highest qualification one need have for one of the most important positions one might assume is simply that you not be the same person as your predecessor.


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