Michael Vick is going to jail. Pacman Jones will likely follow one day soon. In the meantime, he’s off trying to secure a career in pro wrestling while his paychecks from the Tennessee Titans are being held from him. Half of the Cincinnatti Bengals have police records. A member of the Chicago Bears wrecks his Lamborghini, walks (or more likely, runs) away from the scene, and then files a false police report claiming someone stole his car. OJ Simpson remains in the news, years passed his legal troubles.

On the hard court, Tim Donaghy is also heading off to the big house. Eddie Curry was the unfortunate victim of criminal behavior, still resulting in his days being spent more in legal court than on the basketball court. Not to be left out of the fun and games, young studly athletes from the University of West Virginia, the University of Hawaii, the University of Iowa, Southern Cal, Notre Dame, and oh yes… some second string punter from some second string school in Colorado, are all in trouble with the law.

And all of this, mind you, can be found on ESPN’s website. Today. It’s just one day’s worth of reporting on the trials and tribulations, literally, of those gifted in brawn, but questionable in brain. And as I scratch my head and wonder, along with the educated and sometimes thoughtful members of the sports media, what the heck is the matter with these athletes, I am reminded of a rather simple fact. Not to condone their use, but you’ve got to figure that sometimes stereotypes arise for a reason. Case in point… dumb jocks.

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