Does anybody really know what time it is?

The clock on the wall outside the entrance to my library is stuck on 8:00. It’s been this way for the past couple of days now. Perhaps those who wield clock-setting powers here at the medical school are awaiting the arrival of the “spring forward” ritual this coming weekend before they set her going again. Daylight Saving Time’s early appearance this year seems to be throwing everyone for a loop. Well “everyone” meaning computer programmers and others who worry about these sorts of things. Or make money consulting about them. But what I like most about this “stuckness” is that my work day begins at 8:00. A pessimist might take this as a sign of a never-ending work day, one that starts over every time I look at the clock. But not me. Ever the optimist (hold the chortles, please), I’m enjoying the thought of being on time for once. Or stated another way, not being late.

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