Celebrity Cookbooks

I’m enjoying Saturday breakfast at a small cafe in New Hampshire and notice a cookbook on a nearby shelf, “Microwave Gourmet Healthstyle Cookbook” by Kafka. This strikes me as extremely funny and I begin to think of other possibilities:

    “Party Planning on a Dime” by Lewis Carroll
    “Fancy Up Your Bread Machine” by Victor Hugo
    “Feast for the Family” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    “Diet for a Starving Planet” by Charles Dickens
    “Dutch Oven Cookout” by Willa Cather
    “Cowboy Cookin'” by Annie Proulx
    “Mixology Made Easy” by Ernest Hemingway
    “Me Cook?!” by Truman Capote
    “One Pot Wonders” by Harper Lee

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