Look in the Mirror, America

Joe Mauer signs $184 miliion contract with Twins. Tiger Woods loses $180 million in endorsements in ONE year. Avatar grosses $1 billion in 17 days. From Wall Street bankers to Main Street business owners, THIS is what it means to be successful in America. THIS is the dream that we legislate for, that we budget for, that we go to war and die for. Providing affordable access to healthcare, providing affordable housing, creating a cleaner world, decently and humanely fixing the troubles of illegal immigration – unfortunately the impetus to do these things runs counter to the former. I wish we’d just be honest and admit who we really are. Then we can transparently move forward on those things that really matter most, like big bank bailouts and insuring the health of health insurance companies. Cynical, yes, but this morning I find myself just sick of the myopic, shortsighted, disingenuous hypocracy coming from all sides.

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