Writing Exercise: Breathe

I’ve been reading a good bit of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work lately, lots of lessons in mindfulness. Breathing, of course, is key to this exercise. Focusing on one’s breathing centers you, calms you, brings your attention to present. I know this is true. I’ve known this for years. But I’ve never seemed to be very good at actually practicing it. Trying again.

As I sit and breathe this morning, all I can really think of is the heat. The thought “there is no air in this room” crossed my mind when I sat down. Stifling hot. For New England, anyway. Riding on my scooter yesterday, the air reminded me of the water in Buck Pond where I’d just been swimming the week before. The air was filled with pockets of cool and then pockets of warm, just like a summer pond. I couldn’t recall ever having felt that sensation before outside of the water. Then again, it’s not something one would feel surrounded by a car. Yea for scooting!

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