Why I Love Camping

Back home after a week of camping in the Adirondacks. I feel a bit melancholy with the approaching end of my vacation and tense already being back in the “real world”. To try to hold onto the peace of the past few days, I thought I’d make a list that reminds me just what some of those things are that bring such contentment:

  • Dragonfly lands on my shoulder
  • Quiet of darkness
  • Starry skies
  • Views from the top of mountains
  • Swimming in a mountain pond
  • Time to play music
  • Time to sit and be
  • Long, long walks
  • Hikes up big hills
  • Soft serve ice cream
  • Cooking on the camp stove
  • Watching fireplace embers
  • Reading good fiction
  • Laughing at Zebbie’s smile
  • Sleeping bags zipped together
  • Summer rain showers
  • Being offline for awhile
  • Simple tasks around the campsite
  • Having no need for “vitamins”
  • Being with my bunny

And now to figure out how to keep some of these alive and well until we return again.

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