needles in a haystack

“Literature as a concept rightly includes a principle of selectivity because of the way knowledge is distributed. In general, half of the knowledge of any given subject is contained in one or two dozen groundbreaking or synthesizing works. The other half is contained in thousands of books and articles. Reading the former is usually among the most exciting experiences in life; trying to read the latter can be mind numbing.” “On Being Well Read in an Age of Information Overload” from Reading the Map of Knowledge: The Art of Being a Librarian by Peter Briscoe.

Friendship as a reality also rightly applies a principle of selectivity. Of the thousands of people we share time and space with, of the millions who offer a little something to mold and shape our character, there exists only a small handful to truly shake our foundations and bring us towards our true selves. Meeting them is usually among the most exciting experiences in life; and parting ways in equal measure painful.

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